Preggers with My BFFERS!

… Because if you and your best friend are pregnant at the same time it’s basically required that you do a photoshoot together… even if it is 20 degrees outside and raining.

So this collaborative photoshoot was a miracle made possible by Sincerely, Jane Photography on my trip up to Dayton, Ohio to visit my beautiful best friend. For an April trip, we were really hoping the weather would be mild however, as luck would have it, it snowed and rained the whole 10 days I was there! That’s a little much for this southern girl. Sincerely, Jane Photography was somehow still able to pull out these gorgeous photos for us and we couldn’t be more grateful!

As always I’m going to give you the DL on the pieces I wore in these photos.

The jeans are GAP maternity: STRETCH 1969 demi panel true RICH INDIGO 

So honestly I have a love hate relationship with these pants. They were my very first pair of maternity pants and they fit which was amazing considering I’m so small. I have very narrow hips (which I’m hoping will expand through pregnancy, honestly) and as such my complaint is the same with all jeans, maternity or otherwise. They bag slightly in the hips. Another qualm I have about these particular pants is the demi-panel. When sitting it is EXTREMELY tight across my lower tummy which is incredibly uncomfortable turns out. I’ve been told that this will support my belly as it gets bigger so I’ll be grateful for it at that point but I’m going to just have to wait and see. For now I’m content to wear them when out and about and I’ll stick to more comfy options for long dinners or movies where sitting for longer periods of time tends to be the norm. Otherwise the jeans are super cute and I get compliments on them every time I wear them!

The Blouse is from TargetWomen’s Peasant Blouse Pink – Knox Rose

I typically steer clear from maternity specific clothing because pregnancy goes by in such a short time and really your wardrobe needs to grow as you do. This Peasant blouse is perfectly proportioned for a growing baby bump. The two textures on the blouse provide a break in pattern flattering the figure while still being effortless and flowy as a peasant blouse should be. It is easy to care for but I recommend taking it out of the washer ASAP to hang it dry to avoid wrinkling. If you have a steamer you are set!

The cardigan and boots I’ve had for years and they are both go to pieces that I work into many different outfits. Both were TJ MAXX finds. I love my boyfriend TJ for those wardrobe basics. The deals are usually fabulous and I’ve found some real staples there to build a working wardrobe.

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This week I was blessed to be able to work with Shelby Williams Photography on a collaborative photo-shoot, wardrobe provided by Pink Blush Maternity, hair and makeup and styling by myself. I am pleased to share the following photos with you as well as a review of the dress worn at the end of this post. Please enjoy! 


This beautiful, spring-time comfortable, multi seasonal appropriate maxi-dress is the definition of perfect. It is easy to wear, easy to dress up or down, simple to accessorize, great in every season especially here in Florida, and the jersey stretch material makes it convenient to care for, wrinkle resistant, and best of all, it can be worn before, during and after pregnancy! Such a versatile piece of clothing! I have a feeling this wont be leaving my closet for quite some time. The quality vs. price is unbeatable for this blue beauty! I’m just in love with it! This is the Size Small. I am 5’2 and currently 116 lbs at 21 weeks pregnant. My weight prior to pregnancy was roughly 104 lbs. The dress is the perfect length. I wore it here with some 3 inch wedges and added a crown braid side-pony and simple bracelet. The dress is a statement all on it’s own with the vibrant yet subtle floral pattern. I cannot emphasize the quality and comfort of this dress enough! Loved this shoot, love the photos and LOVE collaborating with Pink Blush and Shelby Williams. Stay posted for some more photos from this set and many more to come from these awesome companies! 

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Gender Reveal Maxi Dress Steal

Today I’m reviewing another beautiful dress from Pink Blush Maternity.

You can find the dress HERE!

I wore this marvelous maxi for my maternity photoshoot and gender reveal party and it was a big hit! I got compliments on it ALL DAY! The Dress, a spandex – polyester blend, is soft, wearable, and wrinkle – resistant, the perfect pick for a busy day! I am 5’2 and the length is only slightly long on me in flat sandles and fits my growing baby bump in a very flattering way. I LOVE maxi dresses and this one did not disappoint. I was impressed with the quality/cost compatibility and want to mention that I did not need a slip because the fabric is thick enough to cover and yet not too warm on a spring afternoon in Texas! Affordable, adorable, the perfect travel, play, picnic, party, cuddle, wear everywhere dress! Check it out!

PC: Lane Marie with Peppermint Portraits

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We used the Confetti Push-Pops for Gender Reveal Parties – Set of 8 found HERE on Etsy. They were a HUGE HIT and made for some really fun pictures as you can see!

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Itsy Bitsy Baby Bump


This dress and others like it can be found at the 

Pink Blush Online Boutique.

Shown is myself wearing “Royal Blue Textured” Size: Small

I’m 5’2, 105 lbs and this dress fits me perfectly! 

I get compliments every time I wear this shift dress. The best thing about this dress is that it can be dressed up or down which is my favorite piece to add to my working wardrobe. For an evening out, date night, baby shower or wedding, just throw on a pair of heels, some shiny jewelry or add a pop of contrasting color with a clutch or scarf like you see in the photo above. For a more casual look, some flats or tennis shoes and a comfy cardigan makes this ensemble perfect for thrift shopping, lunch dates, carnivals or baby gear shopping in my case! I’d say it’s the perfect transition piece as well considering it’s a great length to pair with leggings or tights and a blazer going into fall and winter months, depending on climate, and I can just picture it under a cute pea-coat with a contrast color or bold pattern! Love this versatile dress! Need I say more?

More on maternity style and dressing to fit your growing, changing, beautiful body:

Dressing your body when you are sporting a barely visible baby bump can be challenging. Do you want to show it off and hope it isn’t perceived as a beer gut, or do you opt to disguise it for now? I wanted to show it off, I’m small enough that I don’t think it looked like the result of too much “day-drinking” after a float on the river. I wanted to highlight my “baby bump,” but in a tasteful way. First, I tried tight clothing. This look works so well for my best friend, a still skinny but, somehow flawlessly curvy pregnant diva, so I figured I’d give it a try. Unfortunately I felt that I looked more like a lanky frog than a stylish mommy to be what with my long, skinny limbs and short torso. I didn’t feel confident, I felt self-conscious, and that is the complete opposite of what clothing should make you feel like in any stage of life.  Next, I tried larger, less form fitting ensembles, but found that they make me look bigger than I am and that’s never O.K. Ultimately, I chose clothing items that struck a “happy medium” cord neither baggy nor skin tight. Below you’ll see one of the outfits I’ve pieced together. Please excuse the quality of the photo, this is my first post, really an amateur attempt at blogging, so I figured I’d just use my #instagram photos for now and upload some others once I’ve taken better. Featured here you’ll see clothing articles from both Shoppinkblush and PinkBlushMaternity. Since I am in that “Barely Bumping” stage I found that I didn’t need to select articles from the Maternity section yet, especially being so small. The trick is dressing to your body type. There are numerous articles on the subject but as for myself, I have to try things on before I know if they are going to work for me. Sometimes it’s about the drape of the fabric on your frame and sometimes its about the tailoring. You wont know until you play, so, indulge my darlings!