When you focus on doing what you love with who you love, happiness in not only attainable but inevitable.

I strive to be the best version of myself every day. So often we define ourselves by the likes and the comments and the attention we receive instead of by our actions, our passions and our beliefs. My name is Amber Leigh Ingram. I am blissfully married to the man of my dreams Aaron Ingram. He validates me constantly, he encourages me daily, he supports and challenges me consistently but most of all he loves me. He’s the absolute best. We are excitedly expecting our first baby, an active little boy we’ve named John Austin Ingram who’s constant nudges are everything and more. I absolutely love being pregnant. Sometimes I worry that when he comes into the world I’ll miss him being my persistent parasite.

I am currently 25 weeks along and growing every day! I love to write about my style finds especially because I’m a rather petite lady and finding pieces that fit and flatter my growing, changing body can be a challenge at times. The first time I tried on maternity clothes I cried in the dressing room at target. I was worried that I’d never find clothes that would fit my narrow frame with a baby bump. Fear not ladies, there are clothes out there for everyone. I have so many stories to share with you but for now I’ll just leave those for the blog. I hope that some of my experiences can help others, make you laugh, or maybe even cry a little along with me.

This page will evolve as I do, constantly. Please stay tuned.