Preggers with My BFFERS!

… Because if you and your best friend are pregnant at the same time it’s basically required that you do a photoshoot together… even if it is 20 degrees outside and raining.

So this collaborative photoshoot was a miracle made possible by Sincerely, Jane Photography on my trip up to Dayton, Ohio to visit my beautiful best friend. For an April trip, we were really hoping the weather would be mild however, as luck would have it, it snowed and rained the whole 10 days I was there! That’s a little much for this southern girl. Sincerely, Jane Photography was somehow still able to pull out these gorgeous photos for us and we couldn’t be more grateful!

As always I’m going to give you the DL on the pieces I wore in these photos.

The jeans are GAP maternity: STRETCH 1969 demi panel true RICH INDIGO 

So honestly I have a love hate relationship with these pants. They were my very first pair of maternity pants and they fit which was amazing considering I’m so small. I have very narrow hips (which I’m hoping will expand through pregnancy, honestly) and as such my complaint is the same with all jeans, maternity or otherwise. They bag slightly in the hips. Another qualm I have about these particular pants is the demi-panel. When sitting it is EXTREMELY tight across my lower tummy which is incredibly uncomfortable turns out. I’ve been told that this will support my belly as it gets bigger so I’ll be grateful for it at that point but I’m going to just have to wait and see. For now I’m content to wear them when out and about and I’ll stick to more comfy options for long dinners or movies where sitting for longer periods of time tends to be the norm. Otherwise the jeans are super cute and I get compliments on them every time I wear them!

The Blouse is from TargetWomen’s Peasant Blouse Pink – Knox Rose

I typically steer clear from maternity specific clothing because pregnancy goes by in such a short time and really your wardrobe needs to grow as you do. This Peasant blouse is perfectly proportioned for a growing baby bump. The two textures on the blouse provide a break in pattern flattering the figure while still being effortless and flowy as a peasant blouse should be. It is easy to care for but I recommend taking it out of the washer ASAP to hang it dry to avoid wrinkling. If you have a steamer you are set!

The cardigan and boots I’ve had for years and they are both go to pieces that I work into many different outfits. Both were TJ MAXX finds. I love my boyfriend TJ for those wardrobe basics. The deals are usually fabulous and I’ve found some real staples there to build a working wardrobe.

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