Itsy Bitsy Baby Bump


This dress and others like it can be found at the 

Pink Blush Online Boutique.

Shown is myself wearing “Royal Blue Textured” Size: Small

I’m 5’2, 105 lbs and this dress fits me perfectly! 

I get compliments every time I wear this shift dress. The best thing about this dress is that it can be dressed up or down which is my favorite piece to add to my working wardrobe. For an evening out, date night, baby shower or wedding, just throw on a pair of heels, some shiny jewelry or add a pop of contrasting color with a clutch or scarf like you see in the photo above. For a more casual look, some flats or tennis shoes and a comfy cardigan makes this ensemble perfect for thrift shopping, lunch dates, carnivals or baby gear shopping in my case! I’d say it’s the perfect transition piece as well considering it’s a great length to pair with leggings or tights and a blazer going into fall and winter months, depending on climate, and I can just picture it under a cute pea-coat with a contrast color or bold pattern! Love this versatile dress! Need I say more?

More on maternity style and dressing to fit your growing, changing, beautiful body:

Dressing your body when you are sporting a barely visible baby bump can be challenging. Do you want to show it off and hope it isn’t perceived as a beer gut, or do you opt to disguise it for now? I wanted to show it off, I’m small enough that I don’t think it looked like the result of too much “day-drinking” after a float on the river. I wanted to highlight my “baby bump,” but in a tasteful way. First, I tried tight clothing. This look works so well for my best friend, a still skinny but, somehow flawlessly curvy pregnant diva, so I figured I’d give it a try. Unfortunately I felt that I looked more like a lanky frog than a stylish mommy to be what with my long, skinny limbs and short torso. I didn’t feel confident, I felt self-conscious, and that is the complete opposite of what clothing should make you feel like in any stage of life.  Next, I tried larger, less form fitting ensembles, but found that they make me look bigger than I am and that’s never O.K. Ultimately, I chose clothing items that struck a “happy medium” cord neither baggy nor skin tight. Below you’ll see one of the outfits I’ve pieced together. Please excuse the quality of the photo, this is my first post, really an amateur attempt at blogging, so I figured I’d just use my #instagram photos for now and upload some others once I’ve taken better. Featured here you’ll see clothing articles from both Shoppinkblush and PinkBlushMaternity. Since I am in that “Barely Bumping” stage I found that I didn’t need to select articles from the Maternity section yet, especially being so small. The trick is dressing to your body type. There are numerous articles on the subject but as for myself, I have to try things on before I know if they are going to work for me. Sometimes it’s about the drape of the fabric on your frame and sometimes its about the tailoring. You wont know until you play, so, indulge my darlings! 


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